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ReaderKidZ is proud to have two nationally-known children’s librarians, (also both authors and speakers),  Jeanette Larson and Kristen Remenar, who can answer your questions and help you find the right children’s book. And they won’t ask you to keep your voice down.

We all know reading is a lifelong skill that brings children knowledge and pleasure.  And that reading is crucial for kids in today’s information-based society. Did you know that reading improves logical thinking and communication skills? That it builds imagination, vocabulary, language skills, self-esteem, and discipline, and that it allows us access into other cultures, minds and hearts?

It probably leads to longer life and thicker hair, too, (but we lack evidence of that).

Want a great book recommendation for an eight year-old who loves mysteries?  All nine year-olds who like Harry Potter? A seven year-old who likes THE MAGIC TREE HOUSE?

As we’ve already done, every month we’ll add a new list of outstanding books for K-5 kids, by subject, reading level, and maturity, if appropriate. Check back often for the Librarians’ Picks.

When we recommend a book, we’ll separate them by reading difficulty level, and note “maturity level” as necessary.

Reading Levels:

Youngest readers – easier to read for those just learning

Transitioning readers – young readers ready for longer, more complicated sentences, paragraphs and stories.

Older readers – Full length novels! Whoo-hooo!

Maturity codes:

 G – for everybody

PG – a little parental guidance may be necessary,

M –  for older readers, i.e. some fourth and fifth graders who are ready for more mature themes. No, not that mature.


Every month we’ll feature a new question. Here’s the first:


-Read to them. You can’t do it too soon. And don’t stop once he or she starts reading on their own.

-Listen to audiobooks (in the car!)

-Model it: Read a book yourself.

-Provide magazines, graphic novels, comic books, wordless picture books. Reading is reading. A kid with her nose in something she likes will likely try another.

-Try storybook apps for readers, tablets and computers

-Find the right books (interest, reading level, maturity level): Check our lists, and

VISIT YOUR LIBRARY. Children’s Librarians are experts in helping a child find the right book for them. And the right book is…

An open door

An adventure

Another world.

Can you tell we like books?

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