Beyond Boundaries

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Open the windows. Stir up some thinking. Stretch!

Books described HERE show children in a variety of places facing tough situations. The theme of each book echoes the theme of the month:

OCTOBER 2011: Amazing Animals

SEPTEMBER 2011: Accepting Differences

AUGUST 2011: Working Together

MAY 2011: Summer Reading

APRIL 2011: Poetry

MARCH 2011: Nonfiction

FEBRUARY 2011: Series

JANUARY 2011: Sports

DECEMBER 2010: Favorite Books for the Holidays

NOVEMBER 2010: Family and Traditions

OCTOBER 2010: Finding Your Voice

SEPTEMBER 2010: A Friend for All Seasons

AUGUST 2010: New Beginnings

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Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on
Image by Mark A. Hicks, Illustrator