FEATHERS FOR PEACOCK, a tale of caring and generosity

by Nancy Bo Flood on April 2, 2017

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Friendship and caring is the heart of this picture book, FEATHERS FOR PEACOCK. Jacqueline Jules has created a pourquois tale in the engaging folklore style of “ long ago, when the world was new, Peacock did not have the beautiful feathers he has now. Peacock was naked.” All the birds were naked! All the grumbly and embarrassed birds decided to have a meeting to see what they might do to cover themselves with fur or scales or shells. Everyone came except Peacock. “He was buried under a pile of leaves, sound asleep.”

A young reader will find the birds’ solution quite creative and colorful. But sadly no one had noticed that Peacock was missing. All the birds were pleased as they preened their lovely new feathers. All the birds, that is, except Peacock who stood as naked as ever. With her big heart of kindness, tiny hummingbird thought of a possible solution, if all the other birds were willing to share a few of their fine new feathers.

The colorful illustrations by Helen Cann provide unusual images that fill each page with color and energy. The story is not didactic but the power of compassion and kindness is clear. FEATHERS FOR PEACOCK is a delightful book to share with a young listener. Fun facts about peacocks are included in the back matter of the book. FEATHERS FOR PEACOCK, written by Jacqueline Jules and illustrated by Helen Cann, is a Wisdom Tales publication, available this April, 2017.

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