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by Dianne White on February 13, 2017

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Valentine’s Day comes once a year, but isn’t every day the perfect day for letting somebody know you care?

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli, illustrated by Paul Yalowitz (S&S, 1991) is what I like to call an “oldie but goodie.” It’s been shared with children for over 25 years! In a time in our world when it seems too many are forgetting the power of kindness and generosity towards one another, it remains a beautiful story that’s especially relevant today and ripe for rich discussion with students of all ages.

From Kirkus:

Colorless Mr. Hatch–who works in a shoelace factory and eats a cheese and mustard sandwich for lunch every day with, just occasionally, a prune–is jarred from his reserve by receiving a huge Valentine box of candy with a card that says only, “Somebody loves you.” Amazed, he samples it, shares it at work and, buoyed by his friendly reception, sympathetically helps several people out on the way home (e.g., he watches the newspaper stall so that its proprietor can take his cold to the doctor). He’s soon baking brownies, hosting a neighborhood picnic, and reading to the local kids. Then the postman arrives with the news that the candy was delivered to the wrong address, putting poor Mr. Hatch into a funk; but his devoted new friends rally round to bring him back into their cheerful society. Told with warmth and a light touch, the story easily transcends its predictability.

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