HUNDRED PERCENT, a perfect book for a middle-grade reader

by Nancy Bo Flood on September 11, 2016

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Recently, I was in the grocery store choosing peaches and standing next to another mom who was also shopping. Beside her stood a very bored, very impatient daughter with braces shining on her teeth, a few powdered-over pimples, and a BIG frown. She was not a happy camper until… a sweaty boy in a soccer uniform sauntered by. Their eyes met. The daughter blushed, stood taller, smiled. The boy picked up a peach … and then …

Oh the drama! In HUNDRED PERCENT, Karen Romano Young captures the voice, the humor, and the angst of a girl beginning her last year of elementary school – no longer a kid, but not quite a woman. Wearing a bra, but not really needing one. Having a “forever” best friend… who no longer speaks to her.

Christine Gouda, our heroine, has a unique, honest, and authentic voice, easily recognized by anyone who is – or was –”in between.” All around her, Christine’s world is changing. In spite of the turmoil, confusion, and drama, she begins to realize that SHE is in control of something important – who she wants to be.

School has begun and it’s the perfect time to kick off the year with Karen Romano Young’s newest: HUNDRED PERCENT. While you’re at it, check out her many other delightful books, including the graphic novels, DOODLEBUG and STUCK IN THE MIDDLE (OF MIDDLE SCHOOL).

What others are saying:

  • “Readers will cheer for the sensitive, brave, fierce Tink as she tries to discover, and ultimately honor, herself.”–Shelf Awareness for Readers, starred review
  • “Perfectly captures the emotions of middle schoolers and their evolving friendships and familial relationships.”-School Library Journal, starred review
  • “A lovely, lovely tale full of warmth, humor, and intelligence.”-Kirkus Reviews, starred review


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