Nanobots, Gizmos, and Moving Machines

by Dianne White on September 7, 2016

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NANOBOTS by Chris Gall

Nano + (ro)bot = Nanobot … a machine or robot built on the nanoscale. (That’s very very very very small!)

As imagined by Chris Gall, creator of the illustrated children’s books turned Netflix animation series, Dinotrux, NanoBots are not just tiny robots created “late one night, deep down in a musty basement” by a great inventor, interior-nanobotsthey’re also amazing machines, equipped with special powers. “Sticky spilled juice? Crumbs in the cracks? No problem.” MechanoBots can hammer, rivet, and weld. SeekerBots “love meeting strange new creatures.” And the wide-eyed, red HeloBots, stick together, flying in great swarms, like tiny bees, ready to help.

Their inventor is proud of his NanoBots. He can’t wait to share them with everyone! In fact, he’s sure they’ll take the world by storm and win the contest for the Best New Invention.

But there’s a problem – a GIANT robot that towers over the NanoBots, making them feel very small indeed.

Fortunately for the NanoBots, all is not as it seems. Big Bot isn’t doing so well. He falls from his chair and his head is ready to come off. Big Bot needs help! Enter the NanoBots to save the day!

These boy and girl high-tech and tiny super heroes are sure to make their way into the hearts of kids. Don’t miss this first, in what I have to believe will be a series, of NanoBot adventures.


Older readers inspired by nanobots and interested in making robots of their own, should check out THE ROBOT BOOK, by author and physics teacher Bobby Mercer. This book, for grades 4 and up,  will help kids learn the basics of simple robotics. With photographs and step-by-step directions, kids will soon be building gizmos, moving machines, and hacking their old toys in order to repurpose and give them a new robot life.

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