by Nancy Bo Flood on April 6, 2016

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I WANT A MONSTER is a hilarious picture book written and illustrated by  Elise Gravel

Wonderfully quirky, hilarious, unusual, imaginative, exactly what a four-year old loves – but watch out, once you read this book, that four-year old will say, “Again!”

Maybe not every parent wants a baby monster, but every child will enjoy reading along …. OGG, ARF, HEE HEE … as Winnie and Dad venture to a baby monster store and pick out the perfect baby monster to bring home. No worries. Winnie has already become a monster expert. She has done her research and read “Raising Your Pet Monster.” Of course she is completely ready to walk and feed her own pet monster, even pick up the monster poo. But fair warning: “Baby monsters are something else, let me tell you. They might use the toilet for a swimming pool. They might try to eat Papa’s cell phone. They might not sleep much. They certainly will need a LOT of cuddles, hugs, food, and even a bit of discipline. It’s a good thing baby monsters are so cute.”

It’s also a good thing that this picture book is so funny.

Here I am reading it AGAIN to my grandson.MONSTER, NANA & MOE


A Katherine Tegen Book by HarperCollins, March, 2016.

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