Make New Friends

by Dianne White on September 14, 2015

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According to her siblings, Dory is a just a bit “off.” She has a make-believe monster friend named Mary who sleeps under her bed and a fairy godmother whose name is Mr. Nuggy. Her family – mom, dad, big brother and big sister – are just regular people. They like to call Dory by the nickname, Rascal. You can probably guess why.

Dory is about to start school and her brother and sister have all sorts of good advice, like, “No matter what, do NOT use your imagination!” Or “DON’T BE YOURSELF.”

Mary wants to come with Dory to school. But Dory remembers what that was like. Nothing but trouble. Nope, this school year will be different. Dory is going to make a new friend and Mary will not interfere.

When Dory meets Rosabelle, she’s pretty sure they’re kindred spirits. Her imagination seems just as wild as Dory’s, but will they become friends? And how will she convince her brother and sister that she’s not making it all up?

Check out this newest book in the Dory Fantasmagory series. With multiple illustrations on just about every page, DORY AND THE REAL TRUE FRIEND (Dial Books, 2015) by Abby Hanlon is the perfect back-to-school, friendship book for the early chapter book crowd.

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