Princess Posey, First Grader

by Dianne White on March 8, 2015

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Since Princess Posey’s debut in PRINCESS POSEY and the FIRST GRADE PARADE, I’ve been in love with this series. I’ve happily read the books aloud and shared them with many classes of students who feel as I do. Posey, with her sweet, but fiercely honest and earnest nature, feels like one of us. Her problems at school and home are heartfelt and true. She loves her family, but struggles with the same sorts of questions as other children her age.

In PRINCESS POSEY AND THE FIRST GRADE BALLET – the ninth (and newest book) in the series –  Posey must deal with the very real problem of money –  wanting things she can’t have, comparing herself to others, and understanding that true riches are not measured in the things we own, but the people we know and the experiences we’ve been given.

Posey loves her ballet class more than anything. She’s looking forward to wearing a beautiful heart costume for her first recital – a Valentine ballet. But Posey’s mom says she can’t afford to buy a new leotard and Posey has to wonder. Is her family poor? She doesn’t dare ask.

When she finally musters the courage to learn the answer to her hardest question, Posey’s understanding of the world grows a tiny bit wider, and her heart with it. Even so, will Princess Posey find a way to help Jade, the new child in her class who truly is less fortunate than her? She does, of course, and it’s a sweet moment.

And perhaps that’s another reason I love Posey. She tackles difficult problems and, as readers, we get to watch her grow in important, realistic ways.

Learn more HERE about Stephanie Greene, author of the Princess Posey series and HERE about the series’ illustrator, Stephanie Roth Sisson.

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