Librarian’s Corner: Old Favorites

by Kristen Remenar on January 20, 2015

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It’s a new year with lots of new books, but don’t miss these “golden oldie” classics that are still in print and are always worth the read!

For the youngest readers:

Leo the Late Bloomer written by Robert Kraus and illustrated by Jose Aruego (first published 1994) Leo isn’t yet doing some of the things his father thinks he should be doing, but his mom knows Leo will write, read, etc. when he’s ready. Hooray for recognizing that kids develop at different rates!
For the transitional readers: 100dresses

The Hundred Dresses written by Eleanor Estes and illustrated by Louis Slobodkin (first published in 1944) It is rare to find a book that’s still thought-provoking and relevant after decades of being in print. This realistic story about teasing is told from the point of view of Maddie, a girl who doesn’t like the way Peggy makes fun of Wanda, but also doesn’t have the courage to say anything. The ending is wonderful for discussion.

For the older readers:half-magic

Half Magic by Edward Eager (first published in 1954) Imagine if you found a coin that would grant you exactly half of what you wish for. If you wanted a chocolate cake, you’d have to wish for two cakes. But what if you wish your cat could talk? And what if you didn’t realize the coin granted wishes until bizarre things began to happen? This is the first in Eager’s Tales of Magic series.

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