Dozen of Cousins by Shutta Crum, illustrated by David Catrow

by Debbie Gonzales on April 27, 2014

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Dozens of Cousins is a rollicking, frolicking, phenomenally active story about a band of multi-aged cousins joining together for their annual family reunion. Told in verse, the actions of these wild ‘beasties’ rumble off the page and straight into the reader’s hearts. Inspired by a poem written by Shutta Crum about her childhood escapades, the book is one that can repeatedly be enjoyed by young and old alike. David Catrow’s illustrations perfectly depict the comical charm of this wacky extended family, one that is wildly committed to one another.

The story begins as the cousins enthusiastically leap out of the car, overcome with the desire to spend time with one another. Their frenzied energy predictably gets them into trouble, a situation pulled straight from Shutta’s memory bank.  And in the end, babies snooze on grandparents’ soft bellies while the buzz of lightning bugs lull the rest of the beastie cousins to sleep. Only to wake up full of energy and eager to return again next year!

Shutta is offering a teaching guide as a free download from her website. In it you will find a number of activities celebrating the annual convening of Dozens of Cousins.

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