Not Just Ordinary Friends

by Dianne White on March 27, 2014

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“Lulu and Mellie were seven years old. They were cousins and they were friends. Their houses were so close that it took less than five minutes to run between the two. They could visit each other easily without getting lost or squished on the road. That was a good thing, because Lulu and Mellie were not just ordinary friends – they were best friends.”

So begins, Lulu and the Dog from the Sea by Hilary McKay, illustrated by Priscilla Lamont (Albert Whitman & Company, 2013), a perfectly lovely chapter book for younger readers.

As soon as Lulu, her family, and her cousin Mellie arrive at the seaside cottage where they’ll spend the week of their vacation, they discover “That dog!” Of course, Lulu, lover of animals and owner of “two guinea pigs, four rabbits, one parrot, one hamster, a lot of goldfish, and a rather old dog named Sam” felt sorry for the dog and knew immediately she’d have to learn “much much more about the dog from the sea.” He couldn’t be the nuisance everyone in the town thought he was, could he? He just needed a friend, that’s all. Lulu would be that friend and Mellie would help her. Lulu and the Duck in the Park

This is one of the best early chapter books I’ve read in a long time. You’ll also want to read the second in the series, Lulu and the Duck in the Park, which is equally charming.

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