Bats and Unicorns

by Nancy Bo Flood on May 9, 2013

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One of the best things about books in a series is that when you come to the end of one terrific book, you can reach for another (and also a glass of cold lemonade and a few chocolate chip cookies)!

Macey (age 6) recommends this terrific series:

Title: UNICORN’S SECRET  series:  Book #1 is Moonsilver

Author:Kathleen Duey

Illustrator: Omar Rayyan

Who might enjoy this book? Girls and boys, ages 5+

Why did you enjoy this book?  It has a lot of adventure and excitement. It starts out sort of sad.  Then a little girl named Heart discovers a white mare.  Then the adventure begins.  There are 8 books in the series, and they are all excellent.

Scared of bats?  You won’t be after reading this batty book that Macey recommends because bats are amazing (and they eat a zillion mosquitoes):



Author: Ann Earle

Illustrated by Henry Cole

Who might enjoy this book? boys and girls, ages 4+

Why did you enjoy this book? It has interesting facts about bats. It tells some of what bats eat, how they hunt, and ways we can protect them.

Great recommendations! Thanks, Macey. If any other young readers want to suggest books they love, please leave a comment below or send your recommendation to readerkidz at readerkidz dot com. Let’s spread the word about great books – for kids, by kids!

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