The Moves that Make A Man by Bruce Brooks

by Debbie Gonzales on March 28, 2013

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While this sports book is not new, it is most certainly noteworthy. Published in 1996, The Moves That Make a Man is a timeless story revealing what being an athlete truly is, how the game gets into one’s heart and soul and lingers in every breath a ball player takes. Athletes need not be friends, but when they engage in all-out, physically competitive sport, they grow to understand one another on an intrinsic level like no other.

In the book, protagonist Jerome Foxworthy and troubled neighbor Bix Rivers meet under a rag-tag, broken-down hoop. The two come from extremely different walks of life, yet there’s an honest intensity between them, one that pushes their physical and emotional levels to the brink.

Bruce Brooks’ Newbery Honor masterpiece explores racial issues, mental health, family dysfunction, and – best of all – basketball! The Moves that Make a Man is perfect for that older child who is reluctant to read but bolts at the chance to line up for a free throw.

Carol Baldwin March 29, 2013 at 4:33 pm

I really liked this book- glad you recommended it!

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