The Deductive Detective by Brian Rock

by Dianne White on March 27, 2013

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THE DEDUCTIVE DETECTIVE by Brian Rock, illustrated by Sherry Rogers (Sylvan Dell Publishing, 2013)

A cake has been stolen and luckily for all concerned, Detective Duck is on the case! He arrives at the scene knowing the thief is one of the twelve contest bakers. But which one is the culprit? And how will he solve the crime? Deductive reasoning, of course!

As kids read along and use their knowledge of the clues, clever puns and plays on words make this a entertaining and engaging way to use critical thinking skills.

Sylvan Dell has prepared an extensive DEDUCTIVE DETECTIVE Teaching Activity Guide which includes all sorts of valuable classroom and home activities such as Animal Classification Charts (including colorful sorting cards), two probability games, and a Deductive Reasoning Listening Activity, to name just a few. It’s really and truly one of the most meaningful book-to-curriculum resource guides I’ve ever seen. Sylvan Dell provides not only this, but interviews with the author and illustrator, as well as a book trailer, an e-book preview, and so much more! Check out their site and explore the Deductive Detective page!

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