Doggone Feet! by Leslie Helakoski

by Debbie Gonzales on February 25, 2013

Post image for Doggone Feet! by Leslie Helakoski

This charming story of the complexity of family life, written and illustrated by Leslie Helakoski, celebrates the notion that there’s always room for one more. The funny thing about this book is that it is told from under the kitchen table from a dog’s point of view.  Doggone Feet! begins with a stray who follows a lanky set of legs belonging to a young man carrying a tambourine. The young man takes the dog in. The two become a family. Eventually, the young man marries and has a family of his own – with all of the crazy chaos that goes along with it. Each new set of feet presents problems, opportunities for cooperation, acceptance, and fun!

Speaking of fun, Leslie is offering an activity-rich CCSS annotated teacher guide as a downloadable companion to her book. Enjoy creating poetry, skip-counting, story-sequencing, and simply having a good time with each new addition to the amusing hound dog’s family.

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