Hope’s Gift, by Kelly Starling Lyons

by Debbie Gonzales on January 4, 2013

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As gifted storytellers do, in Hope’s Gift, author Kelly Starling Lyons  gently reveals unsettling truths during a tumultuous time in our nation’s history through the tender eyes of an impressionable young child named Hope. In this multi-layered tale, the reader emotionally connects with Hope’s anguish due to her father’s absence during the Civil War, for he has joined the Union Army in hopes of emancipation and the ultimate freedom of her people. And, in perfect compliment to the text, accomplished illustrator Don Tate masterfully captures the emotional feel of this important story through his skilled use of tone, perspective, and heart.

Teachers, librarians, and educators of every walk of life take note. Because Lyons and Tate believe so strongly in the premise of this remarkable story, they are freely offering an Activity/Discussion Guide, with lessons that are fully aligned with the Core Curriculum State Standards, on their websites. The guide, packed with lessons on poetry and history and musical expression, has been created to easily assimilate the powerful historic value of this thoughtful tale into today’s classroom with the intention of nurturing a sense of appreciation and reverance for the past and a enthusiastic hope for overall goodness of mankind.

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