Welcome to ReaderKidZ November: Biographies

by Nancy Bo Flood on October 31, 2012

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Biographies are about people who have done extraordinary things and/or changed the world in some unique way. Kids connect with the fact that a biography’s subject, whether famous, or from far away, or even from the past, is just like them in many ways. And we can all be inspired by a glimpse of the path a person traveled when faced with obstacles and challenges. This month on ReaderKidZ, we’ll recommend outstanding biographies for young readers of all ages, starting with:

FROM THE GOOD MOUNTAIN: How Gutenberg Changed the World, a picture book biography for all ages written and illustrated by James Rumford.

What could any one person do that could truly change the world?  Books!  Gutenberg developed the printing press and in doing so made books, reading, and education accessible to many rather than the elite few.  For the first time the “common man” and eventually women, slaves, and minorities had the opportunity to learn, read, and then to write, express, protest, even cause revolutions.

In this picture book, written as a series of riddles, questions are asked then answered in the classic “call and response” format.  Illustrations are done in the style of medieval manuscripts with layers of hidden information to discover.  This is a biography to read and re-read with pleasure and surprise.

Be sure to check back next week to read an interview with James Rumford and learn more about FROM THE GOOD MOUNTAIN!

Lorrie November 4, 2012 at 9:22 pm

I know one boy who enjoyed learning about Mr. Gutenberg. He’s commented several times that he’s very glad someone figured out how to make books (we’ve just been studying cuneiform and imagining toting clay tablets around with us). Looking forward to the interview with the author – we’ll be sure to check back!

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