Welcome to ReaderKidZ, September 2012!

by Stephanie Greene on August 31, 2012

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A new school year is a time of adjustment for everyone: children, teachers, and parents, alike. It’s especially challenging for children, for whom school often means new experiences, new cultures, and children who may be different than they are. For those dealing with the myriad of physical difficulties so many children are having to cope with today, the adjustment can be especially tough. But so can it be for the children who must learn the skill of empathy for those who are “different.”

Books can help. They not only help readers understand the challenges facing such children, but the feelings these children may have because of their difficulties, and the ways in which they, as new friends in school, can help ease the way.

All month the ReaderKidZ will be talking about books that address the topic of Physical Differences. Check back Tuesday for our first post of the new school year!

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