Welcome to ReaderKidZ, April 2012

by ReaderKidZ on April 1, 2012

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Kids love to play with words. Almost as soon as they’re old enough to babble and coo, they begin to experiment with the sounds of language. Nursery rhymes, simple chants, made-up songs, and poems of all kinds fill those early years with delight.

This month’s Author-In-Residence, Kate Coombs, knows all about the magic of words. She started writing stories, plays, and poetry as a young child and never stopped! She’s written about jellyfish who’ve escaped like “free-floating noodles,” a sea turtle with a “wide green map” on his back, and the way ocean signs her name “long and wavy and clear.”

ReaderKidZ is pleased to celebrate National Poetry Month by introducing readers to WATER SINGS BLUE , Kate’s first published collection of poetry.

Be sure to stop by on Wednesday to read a ReaderKidZ interview with Kate! In the meantime, you can learn more about Kate and her books by checking her website HERE.

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