A Blue Chimpanzee and a Scrumptious Cake!

by Nancy Bo Flood on February 19, 2012

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Don’t bring your blue chimpanzee to school, even if his name is Dodger, and even if he isn’t entirely real. Dodger is Willie’s best friend. Dodger tags along with Willie wherever he goes. The two of them share trouble, adventures, and baseball. If you don’t believe me, read DODGER AND ME by Jordan Sonnenblick (a Square Fish publication).  Hawaii’s book club kids voted this book the funniest and best. Especially if you enjoy crazy-silly with a blue chimpanzee!


CLEVER  JACK TAKES THE CAKE is all about silly adventures and delicious scrumptious cake, topped with sweet succulent strawberries – and a surprise.  Candace Fleming has combined ingredients from several classic tales – flocks of blackbirds, trolls under bridges, princesses and castles – to create an unusual tall tale, illustrated by G. Brian Karas.

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