by Ann Jacobus on February 16, 2012

Post image for A CABINET OF EARTHS by Anne Nesbet

Twelve year-old Maya Davidson is spending the year in Paris for her scientist father’s work, along with her ill mother and her annoyingly charming, five year-old brother James. They’ve been invited by the strange Society of Philosophical Chemistry. Turns out the society is run by distant cousins who’ve been… waiting for Maya. Nesbet’s sure storytelling spins us along cobblestoned Paris streets, in and out of old buildings and through crowds of elegant Parisians where something is… off. Maya and her droll Bulgarian friend Valko discover the secret and magic Cabinet of Earths and must unravel the mystery of making time stand still, before time runs out. A compelling and atmospheric page-turner, A CABINET OF EARTHS is a fantastic trans-Atlantic journey. Earnest and clever Maya is the ideal companion with whom to take it.

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