Red Sled

by Stephanie Greene on January 5, 2012

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A little bundle of a girl in a white coat and a red hat leans a red sled against a small cabin surrounded by snow, and a glorious, heartfelt journey begins. A brown bear spots it and takes it for a ride. He’s joined by a rabbit, and a porcupine, and a moose … using delicate, beautiful illustrations that need no words, author/illustrator Lita Judge has created RED SLED, an exuberant picture book about winter and friends and the excitement of whooshing down a snowy hillside, shrieking for sheer joy. Children will delight in bringing their own story to this one and, from the first magical page, will almost hear the snow falling and the crunch of snow under their own feet. The smallest child will love this book, as will grown-up children of all ages. Truly a “three-to-ninety-three” experience.

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