Project Seahorse by Pamela Turner

by Debbie Gonzales on October 5, 2011

Post image for Project Seahorse by Pamela Turner

Pamela Turner has teamed up with the Monterey Bay Aquarium to offer one of the most comprehensive selection of teacher resources ever presented on ReaderKidZ. With the book Project Seahorse in hand and the internet at his or her fingertips, a young reader can intimately come to appreciate the mesmerizing fish known as the seahorse.

Click HERE to access a series of cross-curricular lessons annotated with the National Core and California State Standards. Enjoy activities such as Sea Horse Similes, Estimate and Measure, and the Sea Horse Life Cycle: Father Knows Best.   For a fascinating multimedia podcast click HERE.  And, for schools of coloring pages, memory games, habitat posters and more click HERE to access the aquarium’s resource page.

Have fun with the plethora of Project Seahorse lessons, activities, podcasts, and videos – all designed to help you become familiar with, “…the little fish that will hold your hand.”

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