Following My Paint Brush by Dulari Devi

by Nancy Bo Flood on September 29, 2011

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FOLLOWING MY PAINT BRUSH is the true story of Dulari Devi, a domestic worker who became an artist in the Mithila style of folk painting from Bihar, in eastern India. Her childhood was doomed to be a life of unchanging hard work and no education – not one day of school.  But Dulari refused to be discouraged. In simple words and captivating paintings, Dulari Devi tells the story of the power of persistence. Of one small girl who, with one big passion, never gives up.

To earn more money, we worked in people’s houses, washing their dishes…. I had never gone to school…Everyday was the same, as it had been from the time I was a small girl.

Then one day, when I was passing the village pond, a strange thing happened. As I stood and looked, the scene turned into a picture in my mind. It came alive, bright and lively, telling stories. I was happy the whole day, thinking of my picture.

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