Welcome Author-In-Residence, Katherine Hannigan!

by Stephanie Greene on September 5, 2011

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TRUE (…SORT OF) by Katherine Hannigan

Delly’s been told she’s bad for so long, she believes she’s no good. Brud Kinney can’t tell anyone what’s in his heart because of his stutter. Then Ferris Boyd comes to town and it all changes. Ferris is a girl with a secret so terrible, she doesn’t talk. Yet something in her silent, gentle presence turns life around for Delly and Brud, until they find themselves uniting to help heal a terrible wrong. Three children, isolated by who and what they are, learn how to make contact in spite of their fears. Katherine Hannigan’s newest book is about the power of friendship, overcoming differences, and learning to celebrate the very things that make each of us different and valuable.

Read “What’s Your Story, Katherine Hannigan?” HERE.

For more about Katherine and her books, visit her author page HERE.

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