Your Friend, Liz

by Dianne White on April 18, 2011

Dear Reader,

I’m so glad you’ve read my book NOODLE & LOU, about a bummed-out worm and his buddy the blue jay!

A friendship between a worm and a bird – it’s a funny thought, isn’t it? Sometimes we get the idea that we’re supposed to be just like our friends, but some of my best friends and I are as different as Noodle and Lou.

Tall or short, prompt or tardy, loud or quiet – a good friendship should have room for our differences along with the things we have in common!

I got the idea for NOODLE & LOU when I was working in the garden at my house. I stopped to watch a worm slipping through the dirt, and I wondered how worms feel about themselves. I mean, they’re not the most attractive creatures, are they? They don’t have arms or legs, or pretty feathers, or facial expressions, or anything! But – they really are pretty important to the earth.  Do you think they know that?

Sometimes we need our friends to point out our best qualities because we don’t notice them ourselves. That’s what Lou does for Noodle.

We can all be a Lou for somebody who needs a lift. And there are times when we all feel like Noodle, needing a Lou. I’ve got one, and I hope you do, too.

As Lou would say, “I think you’re complete!” – Liz Garton Scanlon

Download a copy of “Your Friend, Liz” HERE.

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