Welcome Special Guest, Liz Garton Scanlon!

by Dianne White on April 18, 2011

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NOODLE & LOU, by Liz Garton Scanlon, illustrated by Arthur Howard

Some days are muddy rain-cloud ones when the grass seems greener everywhere but where we are. That’s how Noodle, the worm, feels from time to time. But lucky, Noodle! When he’s blue, he knows just what to do.  He calls on his best buddy, Lou. Lou knows just how to chase away the sad feelings and helps Noodle crawl out of his rut and recapture a “jaunty new strut.” No matter how different Noodle and Lou may be, nothing’s better than “seeing yourself through your best buddy’s eyes.”

From Liz Garton Scanlon:

I wrote Noodle & Lou after watching a worm slithering through our garden one day. I wondered if he knew how important he was, since he looked pretty inconsequential (and maybe even a little pathetic – all bare and slimy and all.) But really, he and his buddies are plowing and fertilizing the earth for us everyday. They’re remarkable.

And then I thought, “We’re all that way, aren’t we? Remarkable in ways we don’t even recognize. We tend to notice what we’re lacking and our friends tend to notice what we have and who we are!”

So Noodle & Lou were born – a funny little odd couple but no funnier than some real-life folks I know.

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For more about Liz, visit her website HERE.

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