Red Sings From the Treetops by Joyce Sidman

by Debbie Gonzales on April 13, 2011

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Prolific poet and teacher Joyce Sidman states, “Why read [children] poems about worms and beetles?  Because the physical world–and the profound lessons that direct contact with that world offers–have, sadly, receded into the background of their lives… More often than not, the dominant images they view every day are created by other minds, other imaginations–with sometimes dubious motives.” In short…poetry is important to the development of a young mind – very, very important.

And, because Joyce is so passionate about teaching poetry to children, she has generously provided a wealth of instructional information on her website, not only with the intention of complimenting her numerous books, but also to inspire the poet that resides within the heart of every child. Download her Guide for Educators and enjoy crafting diamantes, letter poems, exploring science and math activities,  creating a synesthesia poem, and much more. She’s also provided a resourceful link called Poem Starters packed with great lessons for beginning and intermediate poets. And, for an additional, delightful surprise? Click HERE to hear Joyce read her poetry aloud! Can’t you just hear the passion in her voice?

When asked if she was famous, Joyce humbly answered, “Yes, to my dog. And to my children on good days. And there’s a lady I met at the library who says my poetry makes her cry (but I’m not sure if that’s good or bad).”

Trust us, Joyce. It’s good. It’s very, very good.

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