Kristine O’Connell George – The Educator’s Friend

by Debbie Gonzales on April 1, 2011

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Kristine’s website is packed with a plethora of activity guides, teacher’s guides, and coloring pages to serve as companions for her long list of wonderful books. She has even included a clever interactive mini-web activity in which Kristine demonstrates how writers work to capture writing ideas because, as she says,  ideas can be sneaky. Play Kristine’s Tips for Young Poets by clicking HERE.

If this weren’t enough, Kristine has included a webpage in which students can listen to poetry being read aloud, explore various writing tips, and read poetic excerpts from her fabulous work. To access this informative web page click HERE.

In short, Kristine not only knows how to craft amazing poetry, she knows how to partner with those who desire to inspire the poetry that resides within every boy and girl by giving them richly creative, multi-sensory tools with which to do so.

Learn more about Kristine O’Connell George on her website HERE.

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