Lola Schaefer, Author-In-Residence

by Dianne White on February 28, 2011

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JUST ONE BITE by Lola Schaefer, illustrated by Goeff Waring.

Eleven animals. Eleven life-size bites! From the smallest microorganism to one of earth’s largest mammals – the Sperm Whale – each 0ver-sized page brings the reader a close-up view of an animal and a single-serving from its meal of choice: three drops of nectar for the butterfly, a tug of bamboo – a trunkful – for the elephant, one gulp of giant squid for the sperm whale and so on. The “animals” with the most surprising bite of all?  Microorganisms! Their billions and trillions of teeny tiny bites enable them to eat the largest animals of the world.

End notes, that elaborate on each animal presented, complete this meaningful introduction to the variety of meals to be found in the animal kingdom.

And don’t forget to check out the TOOL BOX! There you’ll find an excellent Teacher’s Guide for JUST ONE BITE, prepared especially for grades K-2 by Toni Buzzeo.

Read “What’s Your Story, Lola Schaefer?” HERE.

For more about Lola, visit her website HERE.

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