Zapato Power! by Jacqueline Jules

by Dianne White on February 6, 2011

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Freddie Ramos is a good son, a regular boy, and one especially busy hero!

In Freddie Ramos Takes Off, Freddie’s life suddenly changes when a box arrives at 29 G of the Starwood Park Apartments. Someone has given Freddie a pair of purple sneakers with silver wings. No ordinary shoes, these Zoom! Zoom! Zapato!-powered tennies give Freddie super speed.

In each subsequent book of the series, Freddie’s super powers increase. In book 2, Freddie Ramos Springs Into Action, inventor and Starwood Apartment manager, Mr. Vaslov, develops a wristband with an on/off switch and jumping Boing! power that allows Freddie to expand his superhero abilities.

In book 3, Freddie Ramos Zooms to the Rescue, new silver goggles along with Freddie’s usual dose of smarts help Freddie solve the mystery of the purple squirrel and save a speeding commuter train from imminent disaster.

Jacqueline Jules has created a likable character that kids tackling their very first chapter books are sure to relate to. Freddie’s good heart, and readiness to use his Zapato Power! to help others makes Freddie the best anonymous super-hero Starwood Elementary has ever seen.

Read more about Jacqueline Jules, ReaderKidZ February Author-In-Residence, HERE.

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