A Peek At Linda’s Office!

by Dianne White on November 1, 2010

My office is too messy to show anyone. So what I did instead was to take pictures of a few special things in my office. First, some artwork:

Right above my desk are two paintings. The top one is by the artist Julie Downing, and it’s the cover art for my book THE FIREKEEPER’S SON. Underneath it are three pen-and-ink illustrations done by E.W. Park, which were used as chapter decorations in THE KITE FIGHTERS. E.W. Park is my dad!

I once attended a presentation by author-artist Jules Feiffer. He drew several pictures of George–from his book BARK, GEORGE–on a big pad of newsprint. After the presentation was over, I got one of those drawings, and now it hangs on my office wall.

On another wall, you can see this picture. It’s the cover art for the Korean edition of A SINGLE SHARD. I love the Korean artist’s rendition of Tree-ear.

My book WHAT DOES BUNNY SEE? was illustrated by Maggie Smith. Maggie also makes soft toys, and she created these adorable stuffed bunnies, modeled on the bunny she drew for the book.

One shelf in my family room holds reproductions of Korean celadon pottery. The real thing is featured in A SINGLE SHARD.

The Newbery Medal I was given in 2002 for A SINGLE SHARD isn’t at my house. I  gave it to my parents; it’s at *their* house. When the award was announced, I  received many beautiful bouquets–from my publisher, my agent, librarians,  friends. I took a flower from each bouquet, dried it, and made a new dried-flower arrangement. So this is a photo of my Newbery flowers.

Download a copy of “Linda Sue’s Office” HERE.

For more about Linda Sue Park, visit her website HERE.

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