Skeleton Man, by Joseph Bruchac

by Debbie Gonzales on October 16, 2010

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Bruchac’s Skeleton Man is the epitome of Halloween terror at its tasteful best! Just read the following chilling line:

…and in the moon that shone so gently on me is stark and hard in the way it lights up the creature that looms there above me. He is taller than a tall man…He has no need of clothing to warm his flesh, for whatever flesh he once had was gone (79).

Eww…creepy in a culturally diverse and highly fascinating way. Make the most of this terrifying read by providing your kids all that they need to create their very own Skeleton Man. And, in the meantime, capitalize on this ripe opportunity to present some creative lessons in anatomy!

Scholastic’s The Body Book perfectly pairs with Bruchac’s tale.  The Body Book is packed with easy-to-make hands-on models that teach. With just scissors, paste, and paper, students can create a 3-d skeleton, growing-tooth movie, manipulative eye…everything a kid needs to know to learn about the human body. The Body Book is complete with how-to’s, packed with supplemental information and fully reproducible.

What kid wouldn’t love to reproduce the following phrase on a 3-d skeleton?

His eyes are green and burn like strange flames, there is darkness about his teeth that I’m sure is dried blood (79).

With that, we close by saying, “Happy Halloween!”

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