by Debbie Gonzales on September 20, 2010

Post image for AFTERNOON OF THE ELVES Theater

This classic story written by Janet Taylor Lisle investigates three primary questions – What is true? What is real? What is rumor?

To explore the ways information can become distorted and lead to rumors, as well as some of the consequences of misinformation and rumors click HERE for a lesson adapted from the A World of Difference Institute’s Anti-Bias Study Guide.

The story of  AFTERNOON OF THE ELVES has been adapted into a play performed in children’s theaters all over the country. Click here for a Guide for the Arts YouTube presentation in which director Daria Johnson ot the Main Street Theater discusses dramatic elements and themes of this important book.

Perhaps you, too,  might like to stage a play of your own. If so, The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois has written just the script for you. Access an excerpt of the script here and bring those elves to life!

But…are they real? Are they true? Or are they rumor? We wonder…

Sharee Chapman January 21, 2011 at 9:42 pm

Can you please tell me where I can obtain a complete copy of the script–Afternoon of the Elves? Thank you!

Dianne January 22, 2011 at 7:33 am

Sharee, try this link to Dramatic Publishing, HERE. You can also find copies of the script by Y. York for sale on Amazon. Hope this helps.

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