The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester by Barbara O’Connor

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by Dianne White on September 1, 2010

After a month of hard work, Owen Jester has finally caught the “biggest, greenest, slimiest, most beautiful bullfrog ever to be seen in Carter, Georgia.”

Owen named his new pet, Tooley Graham. Tooley, after his Alabama cousin and Graham, for the pond behind Owen’s grandfather’s house, where the bullfrog had lived before Owen had snatched him up and brought him home.

While Owen and his two best friends, Travis and Stumpy, try to avoid nosy neighbor and all-around smarty pants, Viola, the friends hatch a plan to build a cage in the pond for Tooley.

And then there’s the matter of the “THUD!”, the crack of wood, the tumble, tumble, tumble sound. Owen had heard something – hadn’t he? – when the train had  whooshed by in the middle of the night.

Owen, his two best friends, his frog, Tooley, and even nosy Viola, are in for an unusual adventure any kid is sure to enjoy.

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