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by Dianne White on August 16, 2010

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SCHOOL SUPPLIES: A BOOK OF POEMS selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins,  illustrated by Renee Flower

This first in a series of school-based poetry collections  includes poems about pencils and erasers (“Pencils” by Carl Sandburg and “The Eraser Poem” by Louis Phillips), paperclips and globes (“Paper Clips” and “Classroom Globe” by Rebecca Kai Dotlich), a rubber band bracelet (“Rubber Band Bracelet” by J. Patrick Lewis), and more.

MARVELOUS MATH: A BOOK OF POEMS selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins, illustrated by Karen Barbour

Another award-winning collection, these number-themed poems consider not only the tools of math and math concepts (“Calculator” by Rebecca Kai Dotlich and “Time Passes” by Ilo Orleans) but also the relationship math shares with our everyday lives (“Nature Knows Its Math” by Joan Bransfield Graham and “Counting Birds” by Felice Holman).

SPECTACULAR SCIENCE: A BOOK OF POEMS Selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins, illustrated by Virginia Halstead

“Magnets” (Valerie Worth), a “Dinosaur Bone” (Alice Schertle), and the mystery of “The Seed” (Aileen Fisher) are among the many poems from this collection that speak to the age-old question,”What is Science” (Rebecca Kai Dotlich).

THERE’S A ZOO IN ROOM 22 by Judy Sierra, illustrated by Barney Saltzberg

No back-to-school post would be complete without an ABC book and THERE’S A ZOO IN ROOM 22 is one such book.  Miss Darling, Room 22’s teacher, happily obliges her students’ requests with a room full of alphabetical class pets, anaconda to zorilla.

STAMPEDE! by Laurie Purdue Salas, illustrated by Steven Salerno

Another poetry collection from the “wild side” of school, STAMPEDE explores a range of school experiences.  From the overwhelming feeling of being like a mouse lost in the “new-school maze,” to the exhilaration of being “King of the Jungle (Gym),” STAMPEDE is a humorous look at the way school brings out the animal nature in even the most serious student.

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