A Peek at Stephanie’s Office!

by ReaderKidZ on July 27, 2010

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My office.

My office is very small. Many people have bigger closets. I have to walk through the laundry room to get to it. The dirty clothes yell, “Wash me! Wash me!” but I ignore them.

As small as my office is, I have managed to get a lot accomplished in it. I have piles of manuscripts and ideas and notebooks all over the floor.

The bulletin board in my office.

This is my bulletin board. It isn’t much better. I pin photographs and letters and drawings and all sort of stuff on it.

My son.

This is a photo on the bulletin board of my son when he was little and wanted to be big.

I also have a poem he wrote when he was in the 3rd grade pinned on it.

It’s called “Just a Boy” and it says:

I’m the one who broke the vase.

Playing football

in the


I’m sorry,

but boys

will be boys

Children write very wonderful poetry. And stories, too. Everyone should have their own bulletin board where they can save their favorite things.

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